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Renew your Mind! What is it about?

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  • Feel empowered to achieve what you REALLY want using your God-given potential?
  • Know, deep down inside, that a renewed way of life is possible, and indeed very simple?
  • Eliminate past baggage and drama in your life that holds you back from the promises of your faith?
  • Be inspired to take massive action towards your new way of life -AND with the tools to do so?
  • Start creating an action plan to achieve those goals and dreams you have been avoiding?
  • Have clarity and definition for what you are doing?
  • Be able to easily recognize the ‘mental blocks’ that hold you back as you take massive strides forward in your life?
  • Learn to feel confident, self-assured and calm in any given situation?
  • Feel focused, on-track and ready for the rest of your life?
  • Or do you feel that something is missing, but just can’t quite think what it is?

If you answered YES to some or all of these questions then you are certainly ready to experience what RENEW YOUR  MIND has to offer.

During this amazing 2-day transformational event, discover a new way of life with new levels of energy, performance, health, fulfillment and freedom. Learn the basics of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), a simple and powerful tool, and see how you can apply them easily to any given situation you face moving forwards.

By implementing these practical, step-by-step plans and strategies, you will learn how to renew your mind almost instantly. You will be able to live your life at top levels of energy, confidence, motivation, clarity and focus – a vital skill required in today’s environment of increasing pressure and constant change.

We will take you on a journey of personal excellence through self-discovery into your past and present and out towards an amazing future. Interactive, heartfelt teachings, strategies and tools where you will learn about yourself – and what you are truly capable of!

During the 2 days, YOU WILL UNCOVER AND LEARN: 

  • How to rid yourself of negative emotions and beliefs, moving you powerfully forward
  • How the resources you have right now – health, energy, productivity, focus – can expand and be upgraded so that you can create more in your life
  • A simple, yet powerful, formula that will give you continued motivation and focus
  • How to adopt a state of mind the makes stress and anxiety almost impossible
  • 6 Simple Steps you can follow to keep you full or energy, health and vitality


If you learnt just ONE of these strategies and applied it to your life, you could massively change your outcome, rate of success and personal fulfillment. Imagine how much further ahead in life you could be with a foundation that could never be broken down, knowing that you are ready to achieve anything you set your mind to?

If you are committed to RENEWING YOUR MIND then this event is for you.

If you are unwilling to settle for anything less than you can be and are ready to excel then this is definitely for you.